Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

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This course offers a fundamental understanding of the sequence of events that leads to incidents, the causes thereof and the process of implementing remedial actions.


Understanding and application of:

  • Methods for recognising and using the steps in the initial response to an incident.
  • Methods for collecting evidence by utilising the five P’s – position, people, parts, paper and process.
  • Guidelines for effective interviewing.
  • The causation/problem solving model to analyse incidents. 
  • Methods for identifying losses, contacts, immediate causes, basic causes and lack of control in the incident.
  • Methods for developing and categorising specific remedial actions.
  • Methods for completing the appropriate information in an incident/accident investigation report.

Duration: About 3 days

Skill Level Required: NQF 4

Modules: 9

Lessons: 10

Exercises: 7

Module Quizzes: 9

Final Assessment: 1 hour

Course Content

Course Content

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